Fuoss Angus Ranch

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Fuoss History

Fuoss Angus Ranch is a family run business located in central South Dakota.

My grandfather, Henry Fuoss, started by cross breeding his Hereford cows with Angus bulls in 1949.  He died before he got to see the first calves born, but my dad Orville continued to use Angus bulls and built up a commercial Angus herd.

In 2007, we had the opportunity to purchase the top 100 pairs from the Leo Howard herd.  These cows have been a big building block of our registered cow herd.   Our cow herd also is influenced by purchases from the Marcy Cattle Co. and Mogck & Sons.  Most recent additions are the donor cows D 905 Nicole B43 from the Dickoff Angus Ranch and Mohnen Abigale 1170 from the Mohnen Angus Ranch.  We have begun embryo transplants and look forward to offering these bull calves in our sales.

I started A.I.ing while still in high school and our herd’s genetics are influenced by Scotch Cap Angus and Schaff Angus Ranch genetics.  Herd bulls purchased from Schurrtop, Mohnen, Mogck, and Varilek Angus Ranches have all played important roles.

We also farm and started no-tilling in 1988.  We grow wheat, corn, milo and sunflowers.  We raise all our own feed and graze the stubble fields once crops are harvested.